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top best hotel management and catering technology college in tamilnadu
History – National Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology :
top best hotel management and catering technology college in tamilnadu

National Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NIHMCT) College has been established by the Maharishi Educational and Welfare Trust, Karaikudi, India in order to bring the educational opportunities to the door-steps of the middle and lower income group of the rural community of the economically backward Pudukottai, Sivagangai, Ramnad and Virudhunagar districts in particular and Indian and International Communities in general.

By starting this National Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, India in 2001, the trust believes to achieve its main motto of providing world class quality education, training  and skills development in the hospitality industry to all who care and long for a standard professional qualification of high caliber at a comparatively lower fees structure which could be reached even by a proletariat student.

Maharishi Educational and Welfare Trust

The Maharishi Educational and Welfare Trust was registered in June 2000 with many lofty objective of the trust is the sphere of the education which is being achieved through starting the NIHMCT.

Just a humble beginning to be followed by many more activities for the benefits of the human society and upliftment of the economically and intellectually downtrodden people.


National Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology(NIHMCT) is a co-educational institute providing training and education in the hotel and catering crafts and management.

This education provides perennial job opportunities and enable the students to get employment anywhere in the world. The quality of training imparted at out NIHMCT matches the international standards in the hospitality industry.

This is through a service minded, efficient and devoted teaching and non-teaching who won international experience, globally recognized qualifications in this service industry.

The students are given training in theory and practical skills of the concerned trades/crafts and prepared fully to take up a job in the concerned department of the hotel or catering institution any where around the globe in the following sectors:

1. Hotel, Restaurants, Lodges, Guest House, Resorts and Tourist Homes

2. Industrial canteen including Rig operations.

3. Military Messes Army, Navy and Air Force.

4. Transport Catering i.e., Railway Catering, Ship Catering and Flight Catering.

5. Camping and general catering services.

6. Educational Institutions viz hostels, messes, Canteens

7. Hospital Dietary Departments.

8. Call Centers

Also the can start confidently and operate their own catering and accommodation facilities successfully.

Today we have around 1658 unclassified hotels and lodges in addition to 79 classified hotels in Tamilnadu (as of 1997).

At present these hotels and lodges have only less than 10% of their staff who are formally trained and educated in hotel and catering institutes. It is needless to emphasize that the employment opportunities for those who have formal catering / hotel education as the employment in immediate after the completion of the courses, even before the results of the examination.